Drakes United Methodist Church

Serving Flowood Mississippi

Pastor Glenn Hoskins

Come Join the Journey!!!

Mission Statement: We at Drakes are called to be fishers of men and to love the least of these so that all may have more abundant lives.

Discipleship: Sunday School

We have had multiple classes in the past for kids and teens. Currently, we only have an Adult class that uses the United Methodist International Bible Study material. This material comes with a student book that changes every quarter along with the author of the book. The material picks a topic to explore that quarter and pulls material from three books of the Bible. The material often ties into the Lectionary sermon series. This study is led by the Pastor and often just spends the whole time discussing the scripture.

This group of adults have been meeting for many years and really function as a small group, where the needs and questions of the group take priority over the "scripted" Bible Study. This group likes to—as we call it—chase rabbits. We don't catch many, but it let us share the journey we are called to. The format sometimes uses the white board or has us break up into smaller groups to answer a question.

Besides studying God's Word, we sing and pray.