Drakes United Methodist Church

Serving Flowood Mississippi

Pastor Glenn Hoskins

Come Join the Journey!!!

Mission Statement: We at Drakes are called to be fishers of men and to love the least of these so that all may have more abundant lives.

Our Beliefs:

There are several pillars that our church builds it's beliefs on. They are

  1. The Holy Bible.
  2. The leading of the Holy Spirit.
  3. Tradition, beginning with the first church, the traditions established by John Wesley that live out in the United Methodist Church, and lastly the traditions of Drakes United Methodist over the last century and a half.
  4. Our own understanding.

Here at Drakes we lean on the first two of these much more than the latter two. We also do not belief that when we get to heaven that there will be a section for the Methodist and a section for the Baptist, but that we will be one Church with Christ at the head. We now consider Christ as the head of our Church and hopefully with God's help we will be able discern His calling us no matter where it leads us.

We are a United Methodist Church so we adhere to the structure provided in the Book of Discipline, though we may emphasize and de-emphasize some aspects based on the Word of God. And keeping with the United Methodist Church tradition, we are not heavy into doctrine, nor require all participants to believe the "churches" belief. Instead we encourage that all believers strive to know the face of God, walk with Jesus daily, and lean on His understanding that comes from the Holy Spirit. We are all on a journey together, and hopefully all headed the same direction—towards God.

Come join us in the journey.